Itch Free

Innocence Hair products are made of the only Itch Free, Anti-Bacterial fiber developed by Innocence Hair & Spetra Fiber, greatly reducing the chance of skin irritation.

Sweat Resistant

Instead of absorbing moisture, our products are designed to resist moisture. Meaning that your hair will stay fresh & clean for a much longer period of time.

Ultra Light

High quality Innocence Hair products are engineered with innovative ultra light fiber. On average, our products are 17% lighter than products made by other brands. In some cases, our products are much lighter (more than 17%) than these other products.

Quick & Easy

To reduce braiding time, all Innocence Hair products are designed to eliminate many braiding steps, including the painful Feathering process and Hot Water Set process.

Skin Irritation

Braiding can be extremely unpleasant business for people with sensitive skin due to the well-known skin (scalp in general) irritation problem. Skin irritation is often a result of exposure to a mixture of unhealthy synthetic materials. When these unhealthy synthetic materials come in constant contact with your scalp, your body sends a rejection signal – skin irritation. It is unhealthy and annoying at the same time.

The Only ITCH FREE Braiding Hair

Innocence Hair products are the ONLY braiding hair products made of healthy Anti-Bacterial fiber in the world. Innocence Hair & Spetra Fiber invented and introduced this ‘Anti-Bacterial’ concept for the current synthetic hair market. Many other brands are stating that their products are also made with ‘Anti-Bacterial’ fiber but those are false claims. You know why? We have the exclusive right to use this Itch Free fiber (the only one in the world) in the United States.

Stay Fresh & Clean

It is very important to stay FRESH & CLEAN. But most braiding hair products on the market fail to provide long-lasting freshness. Why? Almost all braiding hair products on the market absorb moisture. Meaning that your braid will absorb natural sweat, which will create the perfect conditions for bacterial growth. Instead of absorbing moisture, Innocence Hair products are designed to resist moisture. Try out our true sweat resistant products today!

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